Age: 26

Capricorn El Cid (山羊座のエルシド, Kapurikōn no Erushido?) is the Capricorn Gold Saint in Lost Canvas. El Cid appears to be a quiet and introspective character, seeming a silent assassin. He appears in a mission to help Manigoldo in Hades' Forest, he was intercepted by 6 Specters which he killed with his arm-sword technique. Later, the gods of Dream appear and El Cid attacks one of them, Icelos. Icelos warps space, so the attack cuts El Cid's own arm. He attacks the god again, but is cast down a cliff and is last seen unconscious.

After some time, the Capricorn Saint appears cutting a dimension and entering the dream world, where he challenges and kills Phantasos by cutting him in a half, later, he is confronted by the Illusion god Icelos. El Cid appears to be harmed by the god's ability to warp the space, thus returning the Gold Saint own power, and appearing from any part of the dream world to attack. However, using his own blood to mark the space warped, El Cid could detect where Icelos would appear, and thus decapitated him.

El Cid continues his journey to save Sisyphos from the dream world, he encountered Pegasus Tenma and saved him from the collapse of Morphia, when they tried to reach Sisyphos' Dreams, Oneiros, the god of Dreams appears and summons his 3 deceased brothers to join him in a monstrous creature. El Cid and Tenma's souls are about to be destroyed when Athena saves them with her staff that represents the goddess Niké, the Saints then tag in a team to confront the monstrous god, El Cid cuts the dimension, opening a hole in the Dream World, later he employs Jumping Stone (ジャンピングストーン, Janpingu Sutōn?), a powerful blow from his legs that uses the opponent's momentum against himself, to send him to the real world via the hole opened by his technique. At last, he cuts the Sagittarius golden arrow in 4, to hit Oneiros, using his arm sword technique calling it by name: Excalibur (エクスカリバー, Ekusukaribā?), the sacred sword. Thus he finally succeeds in defeating Oneiros.

However in the god's last assault, El Cid defended Tenma by thrusting his amputated arm into Oneiros' heart, being killed in a great explosion with the Dream Gods, while they were rising into the sky. He last appears in spiritual form during the attack of golden light unleashed by the Gold Saints on Hades.