Griffon Minos
Age 23
Gender Male
Date of birth March 25
Nationality Norwegian (Oslo)
Class Specter
Title Hell Judge
Loyalty Hades
Surplice Gryphon
Star Heavenly Lofty Star
Height 1.84 m
Weight 72 kg
Blood type A
Secret moves Cosmic Marionetti

One of the three commanders of the Underworld in Kurumada's original manga, Heavenly Lofty Star, Griffon Minos (天貴星グリフォンのミーノス, Tenkisei Gurifon no Mīnosu?) battled the Pisces Gold Saint of the same era. Minos is heartless, as he merely laughed when the Gold Saint Albafica informed him that his fellow Specters had fallen prey to the Gold Saint's trap. Minos is also an outright sadistic, as he seems to have derived some pleasure from destroying an exceptional fighter, such as Albafica, whom he temporarily triumphed over, and thus at one point making Aries Shion involved. In the end, it took the Pisces Saint's sacrificial effort to permanently destroy him, and also the Aries Saint's intervention to prevent him from annihilating everything around in retaliation for his inevitable death.

With his signature technique, Cosmic Marionettion (コズミックマリオネーション, Kozumikku Marionēshon?), (hence his title as "the Puppeteer") he creates invisible strings made purely out of Cosmo, with which he grabs his opponents' body, bending and twisting it as he wishes, in a grotesque and gruesome display of sadism. Minos can also use Gigantic Feathers Flap (ギガンティックフェザースフラップ, Gigantikku Fezāsu Furappu?), where a massive burst of energy, similar to a shock wave, expands from Minos in every direction around him, destroying everything in its path.

Armadura de Griffon by Tomas Jefferson

Griffon surplice