Age: 16

A character only found in Lost Canvas, Tokusa (トクサ, Tokusa?) is Silver Saint Crane Yuzuriha's younger brother. His background is revealed in detail in the Lost Canvas derivative story Yuzuriha Gaiden. His soul was awakened as one of the 108 Specters by Thanatos, hence becoming Heavenly Skillful Star, Hanuman Tokusa (天巧星ハヌマーンのトクサ, Tenkōsei Hanumān no Tokusa?). Eternal life was bestowed upon him as reward, under the condition of killing his loved ones to attain it. He was capable of summoning destructive spiritual energies with his attack Praesepe Departed Soul Summoning (積尸気如意霊臨, Sekishiki Nyoi reirin?). Killed by Aries Shion. In the main storyline of Lost Canvas, he has been featured hinted to be alive again, firstly as one of Aiacos subordinates on his ship and later as one of the guardians of the eight Demon Temples.