Hypnos (眠りを司る神 ヒュプノス Nemuri o tsukasadoru kami Hyupunosu?) is the god of Sl
eep and the twin brother of Thanatos. He has gold hair and eyes, and a hexagram star on his forehead. He plays a significant role in convincing the young Alone to become Hades's corporal vessel. He first appears as a priest from the cathedral located deep in the forest to persuade Alone, who at the time had trouble finding fitting colors for his painting, to look for a fruit that yields the True Red, the color that surpasses all colors. He subsequently convinces the grieving Alone to believe that death is the ultimate and final liberation of all things, thereby making him accept his destiny as Hades's corporal vessel. And, like his brother Thanatos, he is able to give a fraction of his power to someone else, as Pandora is briefly seen with the same hexagram star on her forehead. While indifferent to his brother's and sons' deaths, he further convinced Alone to embrace the darkness of Hades' essence using the Eternal Drowsiness (エターナル・ドラウジネス Etānaru Dorauzinesu?) to put Alone in a deep state of sleepness, and then stood up against the invading Saints, defeating easily (albeit off-panels) Shion and Yuzuriha, and then engaging Hakurei. It was then he used his attack Encounter Another Field (エンカウンタアナザーフィールド Enkaunta Anazā Fīrudo?), which brings any of his opponents' dreams to reality. After being distracted by the energy ball that Hakurei made out of the summoned, fallen Saints from the previous Holy War, Hypnos is finally sealed by Hakurei who uses his young-age soul.

Hypnos real body