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Age: Died at 36-37 years old

Not present in Kurumada's manga, Leo Ilias (獅子座のイリアス, Reo no Iriasu?) was the predecessor Leo Saint in the 18th century, known as 'the man who talked to Earth' and said to be the first man to break off one of Wyvern Rhadamanthys' horns, who killed him. Father of Leo Regulus. According to his younger brother Sagittarius Sisyphos, the most powerful and virtuous Saint of that generation. Ten years before the events in Lost Canvas, Ilias encounters Wyvern in a forest, along with Harpy Valentine, Frog Zelos and a small group of Skeleton soldiers, on a mission to destroy a local village. The Leo Saint performs his Lightning Plasma (ライトニングプラズマ, Raitoningu Purazuma?) technique, to stop the Specters' attack, killing the Skeleton soldiers and saving the villagers lives. Due to lung illness, he couldn't use fullness of his power. Afterward, the Underworld Commander gravely wounds Ilias, who before dying cuts off one of Wyvern's horns, as he promised. Leaving his son Regulus, believing in his future and his bright star.