Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki Age: 270

Pope Sage (教皇セージ, Kyōkō Sēji?) is the Pope in Sanctuary and the former Cancer Gold Saint. Sage and his twin brother Hakurei are the only Saints who survived the last Holy war and since then he has been planning his revenge against Thanatos and Hypnos due to the death of all his partners.

As the Pope, Sage trained Manigoldo who became the next Cancer Saint and also investigates about the gods related with Hades. Sage is skilled in techniques related with souls and also has a large number of talismans able to seal the power of the gods, called Talisman Cage ( タリスマン・ケージ, Tarisuman Kēji?). During his encounter with Thanatos, he seals him in the Holy Coffer thanks to his brother's Altar Silver Cloth, paying that with his life.

It was revealed in flashbacks, that Sage was aware of Gemini Aspros' treason and his plot to assassinate him. Sage devised an strategy along with Virgo Asmita to discover his motivations.